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moving schedule

Moving Schedule Update:

Tomorrow: TV, remaining bookcases, chair, tv stand, as many boxes as we can stand, maybe dresser?
-Assemble Furniture in st. Louis
-Spend night at new house (whee! Futon!)

-Find Breakfast somewhere.
- Drive back to C-u.
- Clean, Pack + Veg.


- House showing @ 11am
- Dismantle Bed.
- Pack more
- Indiana jones movie??


- Bed and couch, and whatever else we can fit taken down to St. L.
-Assemble bed.
-unpack what we can.

Post Sunday, we will probably be sleeping down in st. louis most of the time, if not all... we'll still need to take regular trips back to champaign to finish out the basement and misc stuff/cleaning.
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